Online Counselling


What is on-line counselling?

Online counselling with Mindful Healings is an online personal counselling experience that strives to be much like face to face counselling as much as possible.  With online service, you can expect the same compassionate and insightful responses as you would in a counsellors office.

Mindful Healing provides two methods of doing counselling online.  One is Video calls which is much like Skype where you and your counsellor will see and hear one another.  The other method is called Instant messaging or Chat, which is a live messaging system where you and your counsellor are online at the same time.  Both are through a highly secured system

How it works

First you will need contact me by phone 403-318-6755 or email and let me know your preferred method of counselling.  We will schedule an appointment and then I will send you an invite through my secure site which is OnCall Health.  You will then need to fill out a  couple of easy forms. 

Registration is fast and  easy.  It is important to take time to describe your concerns so that your I as your counsellor will know how to best help you.  You will be asked to proved a credit card or debit visa and you will be charged at the end of each session.


Video Call

Video calls are similar to Zoom, Skype or FaceTime but it is encrypted making it a secure and confidential way of receiving counselling online.  The sessions are an hour long, just like face to face counselling.

Chat or Instant Messaging

A session utilizing Instant Messaging, is much like a texting again using a secure forum.  Sessions are an hour long.  A complete session is saved to your account.  You can log back in whenever you like and review the session.  In fact you are encouraged to do so, as more reflection on the issues often leads to growth and improvement!     

Is It Effective

Research definitely shows that online counselling is just as effective as face to face counselling for almost every issue that a person might bring to a counselling session.  


Online counselling is beneficial to those that:

  • prefer to do counselling where ever they are.
  •  have a busy schedule due to work, travel or child care.
  • Prefer to communicate on their personal device  
  • find regular office hours challenging due to illness, distance , weather or inconvenience 
  • need access to counselling during irregular hours

Other benefits are:

  • You have a record of every single word your counsellor says with Instant Messsaging and can reread this anytime.  This can save you time and money.  You may gain a new perspective one day while rereading it.  It can also be there to provide you positive encouragement and reaffirm the progress you've made.  
  • Rereading your own words may also help you reflect on the progress you've made.
  •  You can receive counselling and no one needs to know unless you tell them.  There is no chance of running into someone you know at a counsellors office or them seeing you're vehicle parked outside the office.
  • It's often more affordable than face to face counselling